Coding All Together is a two-years Strategic Partnership for School Education project, that involves high-schools from Romania, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Lithuania, a University from Turkey and a vocational training institute from Spain. During the project the projects' involved partner countries will be trained at the three short-term joint staff training events (on the total 63 teachers) in order to enrich their knowledge and experience in the scope of coding training. Also the projects' involved students between the age 14-18 will participate to two exchange pupils mobility (on the total 32 students and 16 accompanying teachers) and share good samples and get new knowledge and experiences in coding. The intellectual outputs of the project includes, Curriculum of Coding training which includes Educational Computer Programme based on the Scratch programming language which will be a good sample to the countries in which it isn't implemented officially in their education system will be prepared to disseminate coding knowledge and to implement easily online also we will prepare a policy paper and we will submit as a proposal to decision makers, the second intellectual output is an Interactive Education Tool which is created by coding, the children parents can control their social media usage to protect them from hazardous sites.